how to start xvfb from Arch linux ARM64 architecture

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at
Thu Jan 23 15:47:32 UTC 2020

Oh its great. I like Xvfb command line better than xvfb-run script.
But as I Am observing, I will have to give it up.
Termux, Proop, Android 8.) from 11 month of 2019 contain some restrictions
related to access The proc/stat file.
So processes can not communicate to gether when running mate-session.
May be, that some very advanced programmer and man, who know Arch Linux very
deep would find AN solution.
But because Arch Linux do not work as Debian in chroot, so DBUS do not work
atuomatically, it was a wrong personal mission from my way of perspective.
I have even found outstanding Ubuntu ARM64 chroot which have been created by
special bootstrap script for Anlinux installation scripts.
But because Android 8 contain restriction related to access /proc/stat
window managers crash. It is obvious, that winow manager need to have access
to active processes list to determine their state. sSo as A result, it can
not work.

>From Debian, I could simply type mate-session &
As non root user and Mate have been executed. Sure, some little error
exists, shmem is not supported from Android, but I have been even ale to use
Orca screen reader, Firefox and many apps for Mate such as archive manager,
Caja, mate-control-center I have been even able to customize build in hot

Thanks to xvfb and x11vnc, which do not enforce to use shmem it is possible
to run it without using -noshm option, I could run many apps including
window switching between active window. Unfortunately for Me, powerful
Google have introduced restrictions because of some hackers who have wanted
to intercept processes, so It is complex to run full X11 apps from Linux on
Android newer than 7.0.
It is sad, because I was so near to my dream to have portable device.
TBecause TCP stack can be used even if GSM or WIFI is not turned on, it is
really possible to run X11 apps even with sound support thanks to build in
Pulseaudio for Termux.
So here was my complex personal mission which have been made from The
information available on various mailing lists and on various articles.
It was not easz for Me to reach my dream.
But unfortunately, The dream is over and I can only sadly think about The
days, when Android *7.0 and earlier have existed how users could run Linux
apps on Android devices.
Speed have been excellent, system did not crashed. 

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