force separate screens for intel with xrandr

IL Ka kazakevichilya at
Mon May 4 17:36:17 UTC 2020


I use intel driver for laptop with two outputs: LVDS and HDMI.
Both monitors are merged to one big screen, but I want them to use separate
screens, so I can use DISPLAY=:0.1.

I was trying to declare separate screens, but it doesn't work: I see two
screens in my log, but X still has one screen that includes both monitors.

If it were xinerama, then it would be possible to disable it and have two
screens, but it seems that xrandr can't be disabled.

I also tried to declare two separate devices binding them to outputs using
Option "Monitor-.." or Screen.
Former doesn't effect number of screens while latter (Screen 1) simply
leads to black screen.

Does it mean intel (with DRI/KMS) doesn't support it?
Is it possible to have two separate screens with my configuration?
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