Dummy video driver plea

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Tue May 12 08:12:24 UTC 2020

Oh thank you very much for yours fast answer. Thank you very much that Dummi
video driver is even compatible with such stragne software situation like
running Arch Linux ARM64 on Android device which is being executed by using
Proot app is.
The biggest advantage of Dummi video driver is, that many graphical
instructions of running apps are simply ignored. In The contrast when I
would use XVFB app, it transfer graphics and because 3D instructions are not
possible on Android devices, if somebody advanced will not recompile whole
own Android with special driver for his specific graphical chipset. Because
I do not see at all, I Am using VNC protocol with only hod keys and keys
transfers and with tet data transfers. Orca do not realy too much on video
hardware, all calls are made to be used with libraryes.
So thanks to X11vnc and Xorg I can use many apps without issues at all.
Including support for editable text fields by browsing it char by char by
using arrow keys.

My only one problem is, that I do not know about better xorg.conf which will
support Video dummi driver better.
Because MochaVNC app for ANdroid have informed Me, that I Am using very big
resolution 1000 *10000 Pixels.
I Am afraid, if so big resolution value can not make my system unstable.
But where to get better xorg.conf. It is not simply possible to use
xorg.conf provided by ARCH Linux ARM64 package. Because it will not work.
If somebody would create xorg.conf compatible with VIdeo dummi driver which
will not create so big resolution, it would be excellent.

Or if is it ismply possible to only change some lines after installing The
required Arch Linux package.
I have tried to use tigervnc but it transfer also picture and mate-session
crashes after several seconds of activity.

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