Fbdev with Xserver

isaac rajakumar isaac.raja82 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 07:46:42 UTC 2020

I am having the following configuration

Xlib app-> Xserver -> Framebuffer(ARGB) . When I try to run some Xlib
application nothing is visible in the display.

At the same time when I used dev2mem and punch the data to the framebuffer
memory, I could see the display without issue.

When I specify the format of the framebuffer (565) I could see the GUI in
the screen but a convoluted data. But some GUI is shown.

My observation.


   When I dumb the memory and check I could see the alpha channel byte is
   0, That means they are switched off by default.

   When I send the data using devmem I could see the alpha channel enabled.

My question

1.Is it possible that Xserver does not support alpha channel?.

2.If it supports how should I enable it.

3.Can someone point me to a application which can generate ARGB data.
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