Feature request, but must be universallly accepted by ALL blanker authors

Steve Holmes sdholmes at nlti.co.uk
Sat Oct 3 08:50:52 UTC 2020

On 03/10/2020 09:03, Gene Heskett wrote:
> FWIW, I have tried mightily, to lengthen the intervals from 10 minutes on
> this stretch install running TDE. But something resets it to 10 minutes
> before the 10 minutes is up. So xset is neutered and worthless.

I don't know a lot about X but I have had to change the default blanking.
My LTSP clients use Xfce and they have fuzzy displays which are only 
(and auto) fixed after resuming from the initial screen blanking at 
LightDM. I don't know how else to fix them. So I just made the initial 
blanking occur after 1 min instead of 10.
You can see my workaround here: 


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