ANN: xterm-361

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Thu Oct 15 01:03:30 UTC 2020


                            Patch #361 - 2020/10/14

     * treat  the  return  value of strerror as readonly (patch by Philipp
       Klaus Krause).
     * modify  event-handling  in  CopyWait  to  work around hanging while
       writing  large  amounts  of  text to an active icon and at the same
       time iconifying/deiconifying (report by Dave Kemper).
     * initialize double-buffer for active-icon window.
     * improve  manual  page description of scrollbar resources (report by
       Brian Lindholm).
     * correct  ifdef for menu entry for active-icon, when initializing it
       with toolbar configuration.
     * add  preprocessor  option to makefile to set internal definition of
       pixmaps  directory  to  match  the  install-configuration  (FreeBSD
     * cleanup of calls to free, removing checks for null (Walter Harms).
     * add fallback actions pointer-button and pointer-motion which handle
       events   for   the   mouse   control-sequences   protocol   if  the
       select-related       translations       are       omitted      with
       *omitTranslation:select (prompted by discussion with "Ergus")
     * amend  rule  for  using  shift-key  to  override mouse-protocol for
       select/paste  to  limit  that  feature  to  mouse-buttons which are
       actually bound to select/paste actions (prompted by discussion with
     * corrected  mapping  in  special case for repainting wrap-marks when
       viewing the scrollback area.
     * use  separate  GCs for showWrapMarks feature, to work around cursor
       coloring change in patch #345 (report by Paulo Silva de Alíbano).

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