xdm login window blinks

intmail01 at gmail.com intmail01 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 14:56:21 UTC 2021


I am using server with remote terminal . Both are wired with an ethernet
The problem is that the xdm login blinks every 2 seconds. At this moment
the login panel is not the good looking one (colored, with logo and the
server hostname) but a very basic in black and white. The first login
panel is almost ok, the problem occured later after closing a session
and a new login appears.

The issues occured only when the server run a dnsmasq daemon and a
default gateway interface is configured.
To solve this issues of blinking, I have to insert the IP address of the
remote terminal in /etc/hosts of the server.

My solution is not good because the number of terminal can increases to
hundred and the IP can not be known in advance because it is given by a
dhcp server.

Is there simpler solution ?

I am on slackware 14.2-64 with xdm-1.1.11

Thank you

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