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Tue Jan 19 17:22:35 UTC 2021

On 01/19/2021 08:11 PM, Walter Harms wrote:
> Hi Intmail,
> How do you use XDM ?
> X -query <server> or otherwise ?
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> Hello,
> I am using server with remote terminal . Both are wired with an ethernet
> network.
> The problem is that the xdm login blinks every 2 seconds. At this moment
> the login panel is not the good looking one (colored, with logo and the
> server hostname) but a very basic in black and white. The first login
> panel is almost ok, the problem occured later after closing a session
> and a new login appears.
> The issues occured only when the server run a dnsmasq daemon and a
> default gateway interface is configured.
> To solve this issues of blinking, I have to insert the IP address of the
> remote terminal in /etc/hosts of the server.
> My solution is not good because the number of terminal can increases to
> hundred and the IP can not be known in advance because it is given by a
> dhcp server.
> Is there simpler solution ?
> I am on slackware 14.2-64 with xdm-1.1.11
> Thank you
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On the terminal side: Xorg -query <server> -listen tcp

On the server side: '/usr/bin/xdm'

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