Video 62 shade of grey, 3x 6bits: 18bits

Félix Hauri felix47x0r9 at
Wed Oct 13 07:32:20 UTC 2021


Working on an industrial PC, I've restaured a strange 18bits LCD display
 G121XN01 V.0 (without touch panel.)

They are able to display 262K colors ( 6-bit Red, 6-bit Green, 6-bit Blue ) 

I've found an DVI+VGA driver for this screen, trying to make them working
on a raspberry-pi, unfortunely, I don't know how to start Xorg with this
kind of 18bit depth mode.

In the worst case, I could imagine creating a modified 256 color map, based
on standard 8bit web color map, but if I found a way of using 262K ``real''
colors, this will be better!


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