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On Mon, 7 Feb 2022 02:05:28 +0000 Michael Faynberg <mfaynberg at> said:

> Dear Madam/Sir,
> I have an XLib-based application (however old), which is running by opening a
> terminal session from a Windows client computer on an OpenVms server. It is
> running OK unless the client machine has multiple monitors. In that case we
> experience the following problems:
> 1.       I cannot drag the top window completely from one monitor to another:
> however I try, the part of this window still stays "stuck" to the original
> monitor;
> 2.       When one is trying to maximize the top window, it extends to the
> full screen meaning the bounding rectangle of all the monitors present - but
> I would like to restrict it so that it would occupy the physical screen
> rather than the logical one. I cannot locate any way for doing that though. I
> can not determine:
> a.       The index (for example, or some sort of identification) of the
> current monitor, where "current" means the monitor the top program window is
> located at;
> b.      The dimensions of the current monitor;
>                The calls to the XHeightOfScreen() and XWidthOfScreen() return
> the size of the logical screen without the taskbar, which makes the situation
> even more confusing... How can I find out then where the taskbar is located
> and what is its width - for that matter? If I could answer these questions at
> list I would have tried to implement some empirical logic assuming that all
> monitors attached are of the same size... which is certainly not guaranteed
> but can be tolerated at the moment if there is no better solution.

this sounds like you have a badly broken xinerama setup / config as opposed to
the modern (for about 15-20 years now) xrandr style setup where a single driver
runs all outputs. i don't know how you've managed to get such a broken setup...
i haven't seen xinerama in use for a very very very long time now.

> Anyway, I will greatly appreciate your help on this issue!
> Best regards,
> Mike Faynberg
> mfaynberg at<mailto:mfaynberg at>

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