Xlib: Failing to display an image from disk

chm46e no chm46e at zohomail.com
Tue Feb 15 09:45:57 UTC 2022

Hello there!

I've been struggling to load in a background image from disk. Xlib doesn't provide the functionality.

So I decided to use http://openil.sourceforge.net/ and it now loads into a buffer successfully(at least looks like it), but Xorg is now creating 
BadMatch errors. I'm kinda a starter in c and xlib, soo I really have no

Code/project here: https://github.com/chm46e/blanket

Most of the code is in: src/blanket.c and src/dr.c. some info in readme..

 doesn't appear to be a clear answer anywhere on how to do this. There's
 probably some wizard who can do this eyes closed and that's why I'm 

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