Something is keeping my X awake

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On Thu, 21 Jul 2022 22:00:43 +0200 martin f krafft <madduck at> said:

It's probably your browser. close it. It might also be the steam client.

> Hey there,
> On my Thinkpad T490, something is keeping the display awake such 
> that XScreensaver will not lock the machine, and DPMS will never let 
> the screen turn off.
> There are lots of suspects, with the trackpad, the nipple, and a 
> Lenovo wireless keyboard&mouse attached. However, even after I 
> unplug the wireless receiver, and disable the trackpad and nipple 
> with `xinput disable …`, the machine will *not* rest.
> I've ruled out that this is a problem with XScreensaver. I mean, 
> maybe it is, but after I lock it manually, it just keeps 
> interrupting with the password prompt, as if e.g. the mouse was 
> moved or a key pressed.
> At this stage I am wondering what tool there's availeble to me that 
> could shed some light on this. I've tried `xev`, but there are no 
> events whatsoever.
> I'd appreciate any hints!!
> Best,
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