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Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Sat Oct 22 17:18:18 UTC 2022

On 10/21/22 09:51, Essio Colom wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I hope you are great. We have launched our own OSS 
> ( <>) 
> and I wanted to know what we need to do so our project can be part of so 
> developers can contribute to estela.

Your project page describes it as:

"estela is an elastic web scraping cluster running on Kubernetes. It provides
  mechanisms to deploy, run and scale web scraping spiders via a REST API and
  a web interface."

which does not sound like the sort of desktop & graphics software projects
that are part of X.Org.

Joining X.Org wouldn't change anything about developer contributions - we
don't do anything to make developers contribute to a project - that's all
up to the project owners making it easy to contribute and increasing the
popularity of the project so that more developers want to contribute, and
honestly, you'll probably do better with that on github than if you moved
from github to the X.Org site, since no one would look for such a project
on X.Org, and our developer base is a tiny fraction of the people found on

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