Information on xkb group index in bits 13 & 14 of event state information for input events

Farblos akfkqu.9df7rp at
Mon Sep 4 12:01:05 UTC 2023

Hi Xorg,

in this FVWM issue:

bits 13 and 14 encoding the XKB group index in event->xkey.state
on behalf of the XKB extension interfere with FVWM's modifier

At least that is what I have understood so far from my tests and

Is there anything better than just masking out bits 13 and 14 in
event->xkey.state as I have proposed as solution for that issue?
Is there some constant that represents these two bits?

I have tried searching the Xorg sources and the web but couldn't
find anything more enlighting than above section in the XKB
library specification.


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