Xlib: DisplayWidth / DisplayHeight

Zbigniew zbigniew2011 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 13:38:29 UTC 2023

> To help you see our point of view, imagine someone complaining to you that
> even though the computer science course talked about trees and leaves
> there were no actual trees anywhere in sight, and how exactly does that
> help with CO2 emissions ?
> Display and Screen structures are abstractions that in some cases
> correspond to physical devices and in some cases (many more cases
> nowadays) do not. They are named "Display" and "Screen" but what they
> actually are is determined by how the code actually works.

The code I pasted had 14 lines (including two empty ones). So how it
„actually works”, according to you?

To help you see my point of view, here's a follow-up question: and how
do you think, reading my posts — and a code snippet, you've cut out so
conveniently — what kind of „Display and Screen structure” I had in
mind? A physical device, or the one from „some case”?

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