Debugging multiple X11 servers spawning

Michael Sheely michael.sheely2 at
Fri Sep 15 22:02:08 UTC 2023


I'm trying to debug an issue with a notification daemon

On the debug thread,
a maintainer suggests that my logs indicate multiple X11 severs are being

As far as I know I'm not purposefully starting multiple X11 servers.  I
frequently use the machine locally and also ssh in, but I don't enable x
forwarding during ssh.

I'm trying to understand if there is any particular system logs I should
look at in order to get a sense of when an X11 server was started in order
to better understand whether or not multiple X11 servers are being spawned
(and if so, I'll aim to understand what is causing it).

Would anyone happen to have pointers that might be helpful here?

I'm on Debian, using i3 window manager.

Thank you!
- Michael
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