[ANNOUNCE] libX11 1.8.8

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue Apr 2 01:22:08 UTC 2024

On 3/24/24 15:26, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> libX11 is the original library for the core X11 protocol.
> This release includes:
>   * Fix XIM input sometimes jumbled (#198, !236)
>   * Drop ifdefs for platforms that are no longer supported (!242, !243)

Unfortunately, this release included two regressions:

- A failure to build on Win32 platforms, already fixed in git:

- Problems handling keyboard input via XIM:

The developer of the commit that caused the second issue has proposed a fix in
while another user has proposed reverting the MR entirely in

Which of these gets chosen for inclusion in libX11 1.8.9 depends on whether
people who test the first say it solves all the problems they saw introduced
in 1.8.8 or if more work is needed, so please test and provide feedback on
the bug or MR links above.

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