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Graham Bentley admin at
Mon Mar 4 07:50:09 UTC 2024

Hi list!

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this kind of mailing. Please let me 
know if so I will redirect elsewhere.

Would welcome hints and tips on following - I have script that grabs the 
WindowID and send it vdesk. It's activated from my windwos ops list in twm.

winid=$(xdotool click 1 | xwininfo | grep -oP '(?<=id:).*?(?=")');
vdesk 1 $winid

Over on Arch it works a treat. On OpenBSD only some apps work?

(xcalc, xmag,xclipboard,xv,xfig,xpaint)

but other client's windows don't. I have added a line in my script to 
output winid to a log file which remains empty when it doesn't work yet 
has the right winid when it does.

Using xwininfo manually works on all windows.

How would I figure out what's happening?


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