[ANNOUNCE] iceauth 1.0.10

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Sun Mar 10 21:55:02 UTC 2024

The iceauth program is used to edit and display the authorization
information used in connecting with ICE.   It operates very much
like the xauth program for X11 connection authentication records.

This is a minor bugfix release, including fixes for compiler warnings.

For those building for 32-bit platforms, it also enables use of the
"large file" APIs - while ICEauthority files should never be more than
2gb in size, they may be stored on filesystems with large inodes.

Since this release was generated using the new GNU autoconf 2.72, this
also adds a --enable-year2038 configure flag which may allow iceauth
to work with files whose timestamps are later than January 19, 2038,
but this has not been tested.

Alan Coopersmith (7):
      gitlab CI: stop requiring Signed-off-by in commits
      configure: Use AC_SYS_LARGEFILE to enable large file support
      Use reallocarray if available, provide local version if not
      Silence -Wanalyzer-out-of-bounds warnings from gcc 13
      Variable scope reductions, as suggested by cppcheck
      unifdef __UNIXOS2__
      iceauth 1.0.10

git tag: iceauth-1.0.10

SHA256: f17f373c6e7bfef9cfa4c688f165dfebec7642ad7c6304c5bb3c9bc2bfcde747  iceauth-1.0.10.tar.gz
SHA512: 44e1a03231070e3e055b9a01307a7e98ce08687a2fbf1559a1c6df4e205eb700dfb51b880bdde1de70db2bdf5f1e1dfe021330faad900784dd3729c2bafde021  iceauth-1.0.10.tar.gz
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/app/iceauth-1.0.10.tar.gz.sig

SHA256: 3deefb7da26af9dc799b5628d929d91c9af68c78575639944db3b955f29aa029  iceauth-1.0.10.tar.xz
SHA512: cfadac03a3f72f3c0bb58f67984a033847c76e7e3fdd9ebce583c0554d7f9484faf5053d878f5a82a543cdcc8e2ef8acecadb8830bd3c53584d7ec950cb51cc3  iceauth-1.0.10.tar.xz
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/app/iceauth-1.0.10.tar.xz.sig

        -Alan Coopersmith-                 alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
         Oracle Solaris Engineering - https://blogs.oracle.com/solaris
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