Having troubles using XkbKeycodeToKeysym

Mibi88 mbcontact50 at gmail.com
Thu May 2 17:09:11 UTC 2024


I found out what was the problem while writing a little test program as 
Enrico Weigelt asked: my test program worked properly. My real program 
wasn't working properly because I was not passing a struct as a pointer 
somewhere, and gcc didn't showed me a warning nor an error message, 
because I didn't noticed that they were not in the header.

Thanks a lot for your help!


Le 02/05/2024 à 18:18, Alan Coopersmith a écrit :
> On 5/1/24 02:39, Mibi88 wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I hope that I'm asking on the right place for help, if not, where 
>> should I ask for help about XLib?
>> I'm writing a program that uses opengl, glx and xlib. Everything 
>> works fine, I can get the mouse position, the mouse button press 
>> events etc. But when I try to get Symcodes from keycodes, my program 
>> just segfaults. I checked the arguments I'm passing multiple times, I 
>> tried using XKeycodeToKeysym...
>> I tested it on another computer, and I had the same issue.
>> I'm getting the event like this:
>> if(XPending(window->display)){
>> XNextEvent(window->display, &window->event);
>> if(window->event.type== KeymapNotify){
> That should be MappingNotify, not KeymapNotify, as described in:
> https://tronche.com/gui/x/xlib/events/window-state-change/mapping.html
>> XRefreshKeyboardMapping(&(window->event.xmapping));

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