ANN: xterm-391

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Mon May 13 00:05:50 UTC 2024


                            Patch #391 - 2024/05/12

     * improve integration between UTF-8 and allowC1Printable.
     * alter  SIXEL  HLS  computation to make blue 0 degrees (patch by Ben
     * disable SIXEL aspect-ratio, pending a rewrite (patch by Ben Wong).
     * add resource incrementalGraphics (prompted by patch by Ben Wong).
     * reorganize  graphics_sixel.c  as a step toward eliminating graphics
       buffer-size (integrated patch by Ben Wong).
     * use __linux__ consistently rather than the older linux.
     * build-fix  for musl (report by Jonáš Vidra, adapted patch by Khem
          + modify  ifdef  for USE_OPENPTY, changing test for __GLIBC__ to
          + change ifdef's for _POSIX_SOURCE to _POSIX_VERSION
          + modify  ifdef  for  setsid to use a configure-script check for
            that  function's  existence  and  move  the old check to imake
     * minor consistency fixes for manpage.
     * fix   regression   in   patch  #390:  non-UTF8  text  pasted  as  a
       XA_UTF8_STRING was not decoded (report by Petri Kaukasoina).

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