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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
amd-gfx Discussion list for AMD gfx
announce Service Announcements
apitrace Discussion of the apitrace tool
APOC APOC, the centralized desktop profile manager
AppStream [no description available]
Appsummit [no description available]
Authentication Cross-desktop authentication and single sign-on
avahi Avahi ML
Beignet An open source open CL implemenation for Intel platform
bidi Discussions on bidirectional scripts and layouts
ccss The C CSS library
clipart Mailing list to discuss clipart webpage and contributions
Cogl [no description available]
colord Mailing list for discussions about colord
compiz compiz mailing list
ConsoleKit [no description available]
CREATE Create is about sharing resources between Free and Open Source Creative Projects.
Cut-and-paste [no description available]
dbus [no description available]
DejaVu-bugs DejaVu Fonts - Bug reports only
devkit-devel udisks/upower development list
dim-tools DRM maintainer tools announcements, discussion, and development
Distributions Discussions and collaboration between distributions
dolt [no description available]
dri-devel Direct Rendering Infrastructure - Development
dri-egl discussion of the EGL implementation for DRI
dri-patches Direct Rendering Infrastructure - Patches
dri-users Direct Rendering Infrastructure - Users
etnaviv [no description available]
Exempi-devel Discussions about development of/with Exempi
Ezbench-dev Graphics stack testing/benchmarking utility
farsight-commits Commits for the farsight project
Farstream-commits Commits for the Farstream project
Farstream-devel Farstream developement list
Flathub-Admins Flatpak build and hosting service
Flatpak Discussions about Flatpak and related projects
Fontconfig Font configuration and customization
Fontconfig-bugs fontconfig bugs (read-only)
Fontforge [no description available]
fprint Development and user support for fprint project
freedesktop General discussion about
Freedesktop-sdk Tiny base run-time with bst, hosted on Freedesktop
Freedreno Freedreno graphics driver community testing & development
freedrtools-devel freedrtools development discussion
freedrtools-maintainers Distribution maintainers of freedrtools
fribidi GNU FriBidi, the implementation of Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm technical discussion AND user questions
fribidi-commit CVS commits to the GNU FriBidi tree
Ftp-release software release announce list
galago-announce announcements from the Galago project
galago-commits commit messages from Galago
galago-devel galago development discussion
galago-i18n galago internationalization discussion
Games Games Packaging / Patching / Development list [disabled]
Games-commit [no description available]
GeoClue (PERMANENTLY CLOSED) Discussion list for geoclue users and developers
ghns Get Hot New Stuff and Desktop Exchange Service
Glamor [no description available]
GLU3-announce [no description available]
GLU3-devel Development mailing list for GLU3 library
Glvnd [no description available]
gstreamer-android Discussions about GStreamer on Android
gstreamer-announce Announcements of GStreamer news and releases
gstreamer-bugs bugzilla mails
gstreamer-commits git commit notifications
gstreamer-devel Discussion of the development of and with GStreamer
gstreamer-embedded Discussions specific to using GStreamer on embedded systems
gstreamer-openmax Discussions and patches concerning gst-openmax
hal hal technical discussion
hal-commit HAL commit notification
HarfBuzz Geneal discussion re HarfBuzz, a text shaping library
Hieroglyph general discussion for Hieroglyph
Hw-testing [no description available]
I915-ci-infra i915's CI infrastructure mailing list
igt-dev Development mailing list for IGT GPU Tools
immodule-qt a modular, extensible input method support for Qt
InitKit Distribution-neutral discussion on D-Bus based Init
Input-tools Discussions about libevdev, evtest and evemu
intel-3d-bugs Bugzilla spam list for Intel 3D (Mesa) bugs
Intel-gfx Intel graphics driver community testing & development
intel-gfx-bugs Default bug owner for Intel graphics bugs
Intel-gfx-trybot Intel graphics driver testing & development using CI system
intel-gvt-dev Intel GVT (Graphics Virtualization) development list
Intel-xe Intel Xe graphics driver
kmscon-devel kmscon discussion and development
LDTP-dev Linux Desktop Testing Project
libbsd BSD compatibility library
libburn Discussion of development of the Libburn library suite
Libdlo DisplayLink Open Source Driver Development
libmbim-devel Discussions related to the MBIM protocol and libmbim
Liboil [no description available]
Liboil-commit [no description available]
Libopenraw-dev Discussion about libopenraw development
libqmi-devel Discussions related to the QMI protocol and libqmi
Libre-graphics-meeting [no description available]
Libre-graphics-meeting-local [no description available]
Libre-graphics-meeting-org [no description available]
LibreOffice LibreOffice development and discussions.
Libreoffice-bugs [no description available]
Libreoffice-commits [no description available]
Libreoffice-qa Libreoffice QA list
Libreoffice-ux-advise Meeting ground for LibreOffice hackers and UX experts
Libva Moved to:
lima [no description available]
mesa-announce Announcements of new Mesa releases are sent on this list.
Mesa-ci-intel [no description available]
mesa-commit Commits to the Mesa git repository
mesa-dev For discussion about development of the Mesa code.
Mesa-maintainers Discussion about distribution related changes in Mesa
mesa-stable Proposals for stable-branch patches for Mesa
mesa-users For end-user discussion about using Mesa.
ModemManager-devel Development discussions about ModemManager
MPRIS MPRIS discussion
Networkmanager [no description available]
nice libnice mailing list
Nouveau Nouveau development list
Ocs [no description available]
ooo-build ooo-build development and discussions.
ooo-build-announce ooo-build and go-oo announcements.
ooo-build-bugs ooo-build default bug alias.
ooo-build-commit Track commits to ooo-build.
openchrome-devel Developer oriented discussion around OpenChrome driver
openchrome-users General usage discussions about the OpenChrome drivers
OpenFontLibrary Open Font Library
openicc Open ICC Color Managment
p11-glue [no description available]
PackageKit PackageKit users and developers list
PackageKit-commit PackageKit git commit list
Packagemap Cross-distro package map project
papyon Papyon project discussion list
papyon-bugs Default assignee for papyon bugzilla
pchdtv pchdtv development and user discussion
pchdtv-commit commit messages from pchdtv
Piglit [no description available]
Pipewire-devel [no description available]
Pixman Mailing list for the Pixman rendering library
pkg-config [no description available]
platform Discussion of the Platform
plymouth Discussion of Plymouth graphical bootup
Pm-utils Module to be used to run vendor or distro supplied scripts on suspend and resume.
polkit-devel polkit development list
poppler PDF rendering library
Poppler-bugs [no description available]
Portland [no description available]
Portland-bugs [no description available]
pulseaudio-bugs PulseAudio Bugs
pulseaudio-commits PulseAudio GIT Commits
pulseaudio-discuss General PulseAudio Discussion
pulseaudio-maintainers [no description available]
Rarian Documentation meta-data library discussion
release-wranglers People working on X software releases
roadster Roadster Linux Mapping Software
Shared-desktop-ontologies [no description available]
sitewranglers Maintainers of the services on this site
Slirp [no description available]
social-pdx Freedesktop social events in PDX
Spice-announce [no description available]
spice-bugs [no description available]
Spice-commits [no description available]
Spice-devel [no description available]
stsf Standard Type Services Framework
stsf-announce STSF announcements
stsf-bugs Mailing list for bugzilla
stsf-commit STSF commit messages
svg-icons-commit Commits to the SVG Icons module
Swfdec [no description available]
Swfdec-commits [no description available]
SyncEvolution [no description available]
systemd-bugs systemd Bugzilla Mailing List
systemd-commits systemd Commits Mailing List
systemd-devel systemd Development Mailing List
Tango-artists Tango project's styleguide, workflows, technical details
telepathy Cross-desktop unified VOIP/IM framework
telepathy-bugs [no description available]
telepathy-commits Commits to Telepathy real-time communications framework
Telepathy-Reviewers Discussion between Telepathy reviewers
Terminal-wg [no description available]
Test-google [no description available]
uim [no description available]
uim-bugs Uim's Bugzilla traffic
uim-commit Commit messages for uim
utf-8 Discussion of unicode support in free and open source software.
VDPAU VDPAU discussion
virglrenderer-devel Development list for virgl renderer library.
virt-gpu Discussion List about virtualised GPU solutions
waffle Discussion for Waffle development and use
waimea waimea mailing list
wayland-bugs [no description available]
wayland-devel Discussion about the wayland display server
Xcb [no description available]
xcb-commit Git commits to xcb
xdg's standards and specifications
Xesam Common search and metadata specification
xiccd [no description available]
xliff-tools Discussions on XLIFF support in open source localisation
xpmn-devel [no description available]
Zeitgeist-bugs [no description available]

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