[cairo] PDF Backend for cairo

Ross McFarland rwmcfa1 at neces.com
Wed Dec 1 07:44:07 PST 2004

Carl Worth said:

> Sure, but complex fill rules are dealt with entirely by the
> tessellator. By the time the backend gets a set of trapezoids all it has
> to do is display these simple primitive polygons.
> Ah! And I could see what your concern was if you didn't know that the
> tessellator always produces non-overlapping trapezoids. Since it does,
> there's no need to worry about fill rules.

yeah, that would do it. i guess i didn't know exactly what questions to ask. i
was treating the traps' generation as a black box, i had no clue what it was
giving me other than a list of traps i'm supposed to fill so i made no
assumptions about them.


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