[cairo] python-cario text on X86_64

Steve Chaplin stevech1097 at yahoo.com.au
Sat Dec 4 00:56:12 PST 2004

On Sat, 2004-12-04 at 00:02 -0600, Jody Winston wrote:
> Using Python 2.3.3, gcc 3.3.3, and today's CVS versions on an opteron
> system, I'm seeing core dumps anytime text is used in any of the
> python examples.  This problem does not appear to happen with the
> demos found in cairo-demo.  The traceback shows where the problem
> occurs.  
> What appears in gdb is that when face is set to
> font->val->face the value of ucs4 changes from 0 to some non zero
> value and the stack becomes corrupted throughout the traceback.  It is
> acting like a prototype is wrong someplace in the traceback.
> I'd like to get text working on the opterons and I'm willing to debug
> this problem.  Any suggestions before I start?
> Thanks,
> Jody
Could you generate a minimal test case that works in C but fails in
Python, does not use GTK+ and Glib, and saves a png file. 
Maybe something like this
1) verify that cairo_snippets/text.cairo works on your system
2) Edit hering.py, strip out all the graphics commands and insert the
python equivalent to cairo_snippets/text.cairo, run it and see if it
gives you the same error. Then strip out as many lines as possible while
preserving the error.


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