[cairo] Status update on website/mailing lists

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Wed Dec 8 08:45:42 PST 2004

Due to the recent compromise of the freedesktop.org server which hosts
cairographics.org, some services have been in various states of
disrepair or at least transition.

I'm happy to report that most things are now back to normal. Two recent
fixes are worth noting:

1) The original URL format is back in place so that the website uses
   URLs of the form:


   During the transition, these have appeared in forms such as
   /wiki/pycairo and cvs.freedesktop.org/cairo/pycairo. I believe that
   all the intermediate forms will still work, but the style above is
   canonical and permanent.

2) The mailing lists are back to using "cairographics.org" in the headers.

   During the transition, these temporarily switched to
   "lists.freedesktop.org". The "cairographics.org" name is canonical
   and permanent.

   I apologize for any excess fiddling people may have had to do with
   email filters.

There are still several things on the webpage that look ugly. I'll be
looking into these and time permits and annoyance demands, but help
would be appreciated from anyone to address these:

	* ugly (sometimes broken?) mangling of wiki names with
          punctuation, (eg. cairo-perl, Cairo++, etc.)

	* very confusing account creation/login form

	* confusing, ugly, bitmap-icon-based toolbar

	* ugly, bitmap-icon offsite link markers

	* duplicated (lowercase) page titles

	* excessively busy footer

But hopefully we can all work more on the code itself rather than
hosting services.


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