[cairo] cairo_show_surface and glitz

Alex Dubov oakad at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 9 07:31:18 PST 2004

As I continue to struggle with my cairo app, I
encountered a following problem.
I want to show a pixmap somewhere on the cairo scene.
So I want a cairo_surface that contains the needed
I did a following progression of calls:
glitz_pixel_buffer_create //giving it my RGBA pixmap
glitz_set_pixels //with a created glitz_buffer and
format I thought fit
cairo_glitz_surface_create //with glitz_surface

Then I wanted to use created cairo_surface as argument
to cairo_show_surface. As you probably guessed,
nothing happened. I'm playing around with it, but may
be you can advise me on the correct procedure.

It seems, that there is a need in some documentation.
I'm planning to describe my experience with
cairo/glitz when I'll finish my app, while currently
I'm getting into trouble way too often.

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