[cairo] 10000% performance increase for clip surfaces

Carl Worth cworth at redhat.com
Wed Dec 22 11:55:15 PST 2004

I thought I had replied to this earlier, but I can't find any evidence
that I did...

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 15:57:48 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> These two changes brought down the page rendering speed to about 2.4
> seconds, which is about 11250% faster (likely even more, since a
> significant part of the time is spent reading and decoding the pdf and
> writing out the resulting png).

Fantastic work Alexander!

> Cairo and Pixman patches are attached. Please check them out, as this is
> the first time ever I've looked at the code.

We've talked about this off-list, and the patches look good and have
now been committed.

Anyone that was having performance problems with cairo clipping should
check out the latest from CVS and see if things haven't improved.

We can make another snapshot too if that will help. Shall we setup
some regularity to the snapshot process? Weekly?


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