[cairo] Very slow performance

Chris fltk at functionalfuture.com
Thu Dec 23 11:24:30 PST 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-24 at 03:33 +0900, TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki wrote:
> Recent performance patch by Alexander Larsson was very great (I can feel
> now cairo is faster than before!), but I noticed that latest libpixman
> still has a little performance bug. Attached patch will fix the bug. It
> reduced the test running time from 83 seconds to 16 seconds on my
> machine.

Yes, good find!  It went from 33 seconds to 11 seconds here.  Still much
room for improvement but that is a huge increase.

One thing I find interesting is that the system time is substantially
higher than the user time (user time 4 secs; system time 7 secs).
System time shouldn't be that high, should it?  Are some weird file
operations going on while reading the svg file? 

// Chris

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