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Sigmascape1 at cs.com Sigmascape1 at cs.com
Thu Apr 8 13:24:16 PDT 2004

Jonathan Phillips <jon at rejon.org> wrote:

>I think rallying for SVG support in ooffice should be a high priority!
>We have discussed conversion to other formats, but maintaining our core
>graphics as SVG. What formats are you thinking?
>SVG will be the mother format, as the others are lossless.
SVG is solid in so many ways, but I guess we could look at WMF. I output a lot of files to WMF for ease of use in MS Office, and the file is scalable, looks good when printed and is generally easy to convert to from other formats. Bascially, I use Adobe Illustrator to "filter" all of my WMF and SVG files. Other less than spectacular formats might be: CGM, EMF and a fairly recent version of Adobe's AI file format. If we want to push bitmaps, I feel TIF is the way to go.


Mitch Featherston

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