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Jonathan Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sat Apr 10 23:58:09 PDT 2004

Well, first thing is to get a wiki username, which is at the bottom of
any freedesktop.org page. The link is called "Register." Or, you can go
here to do the same http://freedesktop.org/TWiki/TWikiRegistration.
After that, you will have a username, etc. Mail that to me or another
registered wiki user. I can do it.


See below for responses:

On Sat, 2004-04-10 at 23:38, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Jonathan Phillips wrote:
> > Also, to everyone, please spend some time filling out the content on the
> > wiki (after getting an account from me, Ted, Bryce, or anyone whom has
> > access already on freedesktop.org).
> I am new here.  It looks like you want to hold the discussion on the Wiki. 
> Is that the case?  If so, can I have Wiki access? (even though I am 
> brand-new in this project).

Yeah, IMO, the WIKI is the best for collections of notes and shared
goals. Forums might be good for a much larger scale project, but for us,
for now, the wiki will hopefully suffice.

> Btw, by using the URL "openclipart.org" would certainly sound great to the 
> OpenOffice and you can expect support from us.  But that doesn't mean that 
> you are excluding other projects.  When we were discussing the clipart idea, 
> I first proposed "OOoClipart.org" but that was replaced by "openclipart.org" 
> to make it more inclusive.  We want all projects to contribute to the same 
> clipart repository and feel happy about it.
> Regarding the words "open" and "free" on a project name:
> I wouldn't want to use the word "free" because it sounds like free beer.  As 
> for the word "open", I do think we want a name that conveys the fact that 
> the clipart is available to everyone.  You could call it "publicclipart.org" 
> if you prefer, but I think "open" sounds better.

I'm starting to lean towards www.openclipart.org. Maybe we should go
ahead and get this name. Bryce, how did we get inkscape.org? Ted, could
you check out how to get this to point to our webspace. I think the wiki
should stay at: http://freedesktop.org/Software/clipart and the website
should be: http://clipart.freedesktop.org. Then, whatever name we go
with should be an alias to http://clipart.freedesktop.org.

The reason I'm getting into the openclipart.org name is because of
OO.o's support into this project. I think that is undeniable in trying
to consolidate some efforts, publicity and users.

do I do this? I'm starting a page on openofficeIntegration on the



> > There is much that I have not included from the start of this mailing list
>  > and various things which need to be hashed out. Hopefully I created enough
>  > of a structure on the main page to help clue where we need content.
> I would like to know what you think of the ideas I posted on my first email. 
>   That would give me a better idea of where this project wants to go.
> Cheers,

Jon Phillips
Graduate Researcher
Visual Arts Department

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