[Clipart] Ideas for the clipart project.

Áki G Karlsson aki at akademia.is
Sun Apr 11 06:05:44 PDT 2004


Inevitable that this comes up sooner or later...
Was there any discussion about animated clipart previously? SVG supports 
animation, obviously, and there might be a conversion utility for SVG->MNG 
or similar...

I'm no great fan of animated (looped) clipart, personally, but it is 
something that a lot of people covet... (e.g. listed under "cool stuff" at 
clipart sites) so this question is bound to come up: What will be the 
project's policy on animation?

Topic ideas: I suggested "country outlines" previously as a topic... Do 
you think it's a bad idea? It would certainly be useful for me myself... :)

Best regards


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