[Clipart] Public Domain Licensing

Chad cws456456 at aol.com
Sun Apr 11 20:22:26 PDT 2004


 From the Creative Commons website:


"The Public Domain Dedication is not a license. By using it, you do not 
simply carve out exceptions to your copyright; you grant your entire 
copyright to the public without condition. This grant is permanent and 

Therefore we need to change the wording so it doesn't refer to a 'public 
domain liscense".

And we need to say something like:

   1. Each clip art submission is to be declared public domain: 
   2. Each clip art submission will have to use this instant online form 
to make the declaration valid: 

-Chad Smith

jon at rejon.org wrote:

>Well, while I'm waiting on hearing back from the project admins at
>freedesktop in order to setup the proper site for the project, please
>check out the Licensing page on our wiki and also dig into the stuff on
>the site and add your two cents!

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