[Clipart] openclipart.org

Alan Horkan horkana at maths.tcd.ie
Mon Apr 12 06:15:10 PDT 2004

On Sun, 11 Apr 2004, Jonathan Phillips wrote:

> Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 13:08:29 -0700
> From: Jonathan Phillips <jon at rejon.org>
> To: clipart-list <clipart at freedesktop.org>
> Subject: [Clipart] openclipart.org
> Hello,
> While we are moving to openclipart.org, I'm changing the chat channel to
> irc.freenode.net #openclipart
> Is the project going to go by Open Clip Art Project (OCAP) or
> OpenClipArt.Org (OCA.o, or OC.o). This is for branding purposes...Please
> weigh in on the subject...

I'm allergic to acronyms!

'Open Clipart' please, OpenClipart.org if we must

- Alan

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