[Clipart] Our future logo

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at math.umd.edu
Mon Apr 12 20:01:03 PDT 2004

Chad wrote:
> I added a logo suggestion to the page, (I didn't mean for it to be on 
> the main page!)  It's very rough, and someone with artistic skills can 
> do a much better job with it.  But the main idea is an open door to an 
> "endless" art gallery.  I think it symbolizes our project.  A limitless 
> array of art, open to all who wish it.
> Just an idea...

Chad, please delete the unnecessary lines from the text you are replying to. 
  I just deleted 86 lines from this email.  Considering that I get 400 
emails/day, if everyone does this, my inbox can fill up really quickly. 
Currently a lot of people do this and it significantly slowsn down my email 
client.  It makes it very difficult and anoying to keep up with all the 
things that happen in OOo and the other projects I follow.

Best wishes,
Daniel Carrera | No trees were harmed in the generation of this  e-mail.
PhD student.   | A significant number of electrons were, however, severely
Math Dept. UMD | inconvenienced.

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