[Clipart] introduction

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Tue Apr 13 01:08:07 PDT 2004

i'm watching this list for some time, but this is my first message

my wiki user name is NicuBuculei but i'm not yet authorised to add 
changes to pages (please, authorise me if you want)

see this clipart gallery and consider for including in the gallery any 
images you want: http://www.nicubunu.ro/clipart/

as an example, i propose you  this subsection, with very simple shapes:

for generating PNG images from SVG source as a batch operation, you can 
use this command:
for i in *.svg; do inkscape -f "$i" -e "$i.png" -w 80; done
note: '-w 80' is the final width for PNG export - i'm using that for 
generating thumbnails

about SVG support in OpenOffice.org: do not have big expectation, the 
feature request was pushed back a few days ago from milestone 2.0 to 
later, for the reason of lack of developers
it looks like it will make in to OOo only if the feature will be added 
by external contributors


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