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Daniel Carrera dcarrera at math.umd.edu
Tue Apr 13 04:39:17 PDT 2004

Glenn Randers-Pehrson wrote:

<snip: BSD-style license />
>>If it does, I will contact Lawrence Lessig and ask him if he would be 
>>willing to prepare a Creative Commons license which is essentially ammounts 
>>to "all is permitted". 
> CC already does.  Look at their page where you "choose a license".
> There is Public Domain, Attribution (two flavors), GPL, LGPL.


1) GPL and LGPL are *not* "all is permitted" BSD-style licenses.  And you 
know it.

2) Public Domain is not a license.

3) Attribution licenses are *not* "all is permitted" licenses either.  They 
require attribution.

I am talking about a BSD-style license without attribution.  The kind that, 
in practice, permits everything that public domain, but the author still 
holds the copyright.

> The more generous of the "attribution" licenses seems appropriate.  It
> is equivalent to BSD, MIT, and zlib/libpng licenses.

Attribution is not acceptable for clipart.

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