[Clipart] Updated roadmap

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Thu Apr 15 00:19:17 PDT 2004

Here's our roadmap.  We've just got a couple items left for the first
milestone, and all the items for the second one have been achieved.

Would anyone like to put some time into working on the FAQ or generating
some screenshots of the images posted the other day?

Open Clip Art Project Roadmap
*0.  Project Initiation*
   * (DONE) Establish an IRC channel and get together informally [david]
      * irc.freenode.net #openclipart -- Main.DavidIllsley - 11 Apr 2004
   * (DONE) Set up wiki with access for clipart participants [ted]
   * (DONE) Decide on license for clipart. [all]
   * (DONE) Get access to a web server for posting static web pages [rejon]
   * Get http://openclipart.org to direct to the proper place [rejon]
   * (DONE) Review/revise roadmap [bryce]
   * Call for Logo Development [rejon]

*1.  Make First Clipart Package*
   * (DONE) Collect a couple dozen random SVG imgs useful as clipart [bryce]
   * (DONE) Write a README for the package [bryce]
   * (DONE) Add the public domain license to the package [bryce]
   * (DONE) Tarball the package [bryce]
   * (DONE) Post package to our website [bryce]

*2.  Website*
   * Write a basic homepage   
   * Write a preliminary FAQ   
   * Create a download page   
   * Create a preliminary screenshots page   
   * Identify other pages to work on making in the future

*3.  Packaging Format Decision*
   * Explore if existing drawing apps have a packaging format we could
   * Review the example package & discuss better packaging approaches   
   * Decide metadata to include per package & create an example file   
   * Write a brief HOWTO for the package creation process

*4.  Clipart Push*
   * Start collections of clipart for 3 different categories
     (examples:  animals, vehicles, fruit & vegetables)   
   * Collect 12+ items for three categories of clipart   
   * Create screenshots using some of the clipart & post on website

*5.  Future Planning*
   * Consider web-based upload tools (WebDAV? DMS/CMS?)   
   * Set up a way to capture & track requests   
   * Identify next set of milestones

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