[Clipart] Contributing images.

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at math.umd.edu
Fri Apr 16 13:45:55 PDT 2004

Hi guys,

Okay, how are we organizing the images?  Is each contributor going to get a 
sepparate directory?  That might be a problem if we get many contributors 
that submit just one or two images.

I was just thinking that I'd like to draw an SVG version of the hacker 
emblem and add it to the "symbols" directory (I don't think we have one yet).

I wonder how I would go about submitting just the one image.

As an aside: Does anyone know of a good vector graphics program I can use 
under Solaris that will produce SVG images?  It looks like Inkscape requires 
the Gnome desktop, and I don't have that.

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