[Clipart] check it

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Wed Apr 28 23:59:18 PDT 2004

>>> Consider that the OpenClipart page would not contain the information 
>>> on the right and left panels, or the top headers.  All of that is 
>>> advertisement for MS products.  When you remove all of that, the page 
>>> will actually look kind of empty.
>>> In fact, I would advocate using a left panel to advertise our 
>>> favourite open source projects.  Making especial emphasis on the 
>>> projects that someone looking for clipart is likely to be interested 
>>> in.  For instance (in no particular order):

in fact, i like very much the current layout: with navigation at the 
right and affiliates at the bottom, this way the *content* of pages is 
the first to got attention.

but also from what i see, the 3 column layout is pretty standard in this 
kind of sites - see deviantART as an example 
(http://www.deviantart.com/) - this not means that we should not try 
something better

>>> There was a recent survey to find out the level of awareness of open 
>>> source.  The results were disappointing.  The only open source 
>>> projects people knew about were Linux and OpenOffice.org.  Very few 
>>> people were able to name any other.

i would expected also Mozilla at least at the same level as OpenOffice


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