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Thu Apr 29 08:08:15 PDT 2004

Quoting Daniel Carrera <dcarrera at math.umd.edu>:

> fenix at theopencd.net wrote:
> > Well, well. The idea of multi-platform installer is unique for me !!! it's
> > brilliant. Maybe it's possible to extend MakeSelf to run under Windows in
> the 
> > far future???
> Not really.  MakeSelf runs on all Unix-like systems because it only relies 
> on the functionality available in all Unix systems (e.g. the Unix shell).
> MakeSelf cannot be reasonably run on Windows.  Windows is in a world of its 
> own, so we'd need a sepparate installer for them.
I just thought that, theoretically, if some program (say Unix Runtime 
Environment like Cygwin) is installed before the "sh" Linux script, then that 
RTE associates the "sh" extension like it's Windows new format,
then it can work.

But, in order to do that, Cygwin must be extended:
a) Cygwin must have access to real Windows directories (not virtual Linux 
b) Cygwin must associate *.sh extension, like it's own.

Then the result will be a real multi-platform installer!!! yay !

What do you think?


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