[Clipart] Your OCAL logo submission

Alan Horkan horkana at maths.tcd.ie
Sun Jul 18 16:17:24 PDT 2004

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004, [ISO-8859-1] Alberto Simões wrote:

> Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 21:41:09 +0100
> From: "[ISO-8859-1] Alberto Simões" <hashashin at gmail.com>
> To: nisses.mail at home.se
> Cc: clipart at freedesktop.org
> Subject: [Clipart] Your OCAL logo submission
> Andreas,
>   can you prepare another logo version with OCAL instead of OCAP?
> (Library instead of Project)?

Can you avoid the acronyms that we cannot agree on and just go with
"Open Clipart" which we can all agree on?

- Alan

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