Aaagh! Re: [Clipart] new site design in progress

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at
Mon Sep 13 05:31:47 PDT 2004

Jon Phillips <jon at> writes:

> Good ideas...I've committed some of them. I changed the sidebar to a
> lighter gray.

This looks better to me -- goes better with the blue, IMO.  We'll see
what the others think.

> I added some stubs on the Contribute section and hope people will
> implement or comment out for the time being.

After you said this, I poked around and discovered that Submit
Screenshot and Review Incoming don't work.  Review Incoming should
probably be commented out until we get something for adding keywords
working, or the DMS in place, or something, at which point we can put
it back and make it useful.

Submit Screenshot is something I might be able to make work, if I get
a little time this week.  Some questions, though...

 * Do we want to put submitted screenshots into use immediately, or
   have someone review them and move them over by hand?
 * Do we want to require screenshots to be placed into the Public
   Domain and have metadata, or is it enough that they are submitted
   for our use on the website?

 * Do we want to require the submitter to upload also a reduced
   267x200 preview version at the same time, or should we generate
   them automatically?  (I think there's a recipe in this Perl
   Cookbook for that using Image::Magick...)

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