[Clipart] new site design in progress

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at home.se
Mon Sep 13 16:50:48 PDT 2004

Jon Phillips wrote:

>Check it: http://rejon.org/website-snapshot.png
>I'm halfway there on the layout in html + css...will put direct live and
>then we can tweak online. The general idea is to make the new logo
>professional and learn from other good sites with many images, etc, etc
>MS' clipart site, etc.
Hello Jon!
I have  some problems when rendering the page in firefox. Some 
thumbnails in the "Share your vector graphics"-box floats ontop of the 
box below it. I suggest setting the height of the box to some higher 
number and put a clear:both in the stylesheet for the box below.
Hope it helps!
BTW, the color scheme is nicer now than in the earlier designs.
- Andreas

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