[Clipart] PR for 0.16

Patricia FIDI fidipat at levillage-afrique.com
Mon Aug 1 00:28:57 PDT 2005

Hello everybody,

I'm Patricia FIDI. I used to participated to the mailing list of sodipodi.
I've made some few flags (French flags collections of Sodipodi or others 
like st-helena).

If you want more submissions or popularity, I would like to warn you 
that it's really not
easy to find clipart on the site. It's not clear that we have to search 
"Browse" in the bar...
"Browse" should be in the left menu after a "search" link.
"Browse" could be replace by "Catalog", "Library", "Collection"...

And I'm OK if you want help for translation in French of the site.


Jonadab the Unsightly One a écrit :

>Alan Horkan <horkana at maths.tcd.ie> writes:
>>Pornography would be a hell of a way to generate publicity fast but
>>probably not exactly what we are looking for 
>Given the rate of growth of submissions, I think our publicity is
>going pretty well already, actually.  It hasn't been five days yet
>since I took the incoming files for the release, and there are now 69
>new files in incoming.  (Please, no lame jokes about the number;
>that's just how many files there are.)  At that rate, we'll be lucky
>to get our performance issues worked out and get the DMS integrated
>into the site and all our infrastructure in place before our
>popularity overwhelms the scalability of our current process and
>infrastructure.  (Already, there are *many* images that need better
>keyword assignment, and more consistent keyword assignment across the
>collection...  certain categories are a real mess...)
>Which, I suppose, is a quite good problem to have.

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