[Clipart] Copyright

Nathan Eady eady at galion.lib.oh.us
Fri Aug 26 12:20:37 PDT 2005

Jon Phillips wrote:

>>I prefer that the BSD Daemon be used in the context of BSD software.
>>So, if you are using the Daemon in some way connected with BSD
>>software (FreeBSD, NetBSD, or OpenBSD), then use of the daemon
>>is appropriate. It appears that your usage is appropriate and you
>>have put the appropriate message up on your site. I do request
>>that you NOT put it up on openclipart.org as many people feel
>>that that gives them unlimited rights to use the artwork there
>>which is what has lead to many inappropriate uses of the Daemon.

> Yes, Peter, we really need to go through the submissions and remove
> several that are in violation...it is actually really bad that we have
> so many of these in our collection.

I will put this on my radar for 0.17.  Actually I am starting to
think that pretty the entire logos/ folder needs to go.  I am also
starting to think that the little "Yes, it's public domain" checkbox
on the submit form is wholly inadequate -- but, short of requiring
first-time submitters to pass a "copyright quiz", I'm not sure
what to do about it.

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