[Clipart] Use 7Zip for the Open Cliparts distribution

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Wed Jun 15 07:20:30 PDT 2005

Bryce Harrington <bryce at bryceharrington.com> writes:

>    * Is this format sufficiently widespread to be of actual use?
>      (Too many options can make things more confusing for users)

Speaking from experience, there are an infinite number of formats that
people will ask us to support for one reason or another.  So far
people have asked for at least three that I can think of (bzip2,
autopackage, and now 7zip), and we added one of them (bzip2).  At some
point someone will ask for RAR format, .dmg format, shar, PowerZip,
cpio, .msi, .deb, Gentoo ebuild, .rpm (surprised they aren't clamoring
for that one already), binhex, and others.  We won't be able to
support all of them, so we'll have to pick and choose which ones we
think are most important to support.

I want to go on record as saying that, in my personal opinion, "It
gets better compression" is *not* a good enough reason, by itself, in
the absense of any other reasons, to support another format.  The
usual line of reasoning to the contrary completely ignores network
effect and aggregate impact.  I suspect that the bandwidth saved by
our use of bzip2, for instance, is probably lost in the underflow,
even though bzip2 is about ten times more widely deployed than 7Zip;
it's still obscure, compared with the other formats.

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