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------- Additional Comments From turnip at turnipspatch.com  2005-06-25 15:30 -------
(In reply to comment #8)
> I wonder if there is a way in bugzilla to have the last comment like a
> replied-to email. I have added the "> " below to track the conversation. I think
> the conversation on the bugtracker + ml is great!
Try the "reply" button ;)

> > Ok, no classifications -- they'll rotate on the main page. Where abouts though?
> > The footer is not very prominent. I'm voting for it going in the left sidebar.
> Man, that is already really crowded. Maybe the top bar needs to be rethought
> with the addition of affiliates. Your idea should be mocked up. Maybe take a
> screenshot of the site and test adding elements in Inkscape. We have much
> content on our page.
Ok, yeah you're right. Sometime over the next week (hopefully sooner rather than
later), I'll mock up what we talked about in IRC a couple of weeks back. I'll
integrate a place for an affiliate link into that.

> > It'd be great to integrate the Wiki into the OCAL site, but I don't think that's
> > possible because it seems (from looking at wiki.pl) that it isn't templatable.
> > So I dunno what to do there...
> Yeah, well the stylesheet is here: http://www.openclipart.org/css/wiki.css
Yes, but the problem with the Wiki is that the user will be disorientated when
they go there. This is because it doesn't have the navigational stuff that the
main site does, which of course cannot be done with CSS. That's the main problem
with the Wiki IMO. And let's not even talk about frames ;)          
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