[Clipart] some of the pictures contain binary code

Gerald Ganson Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca
Mon Sep 26 16:22:05 PDT 2005

well not exactly - the downloaded fro OCAL woman_chemist image for
example also has the end of line characters move around from 
the original locations in the file that I uploaded. I think this is more
confusing to my script than the CRLF stuff.

either way someone in the OCAL unix world will have to script the
removal if it is to be done there...

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>> My script won't run against a file downloaded from OCAL - it appears 
>> as though the release process removes all CR and LF characters, and
the formatting is all gone.

Ahh yes the LF CR LF + CR Unix/Dos thing. I think I got it !

Gerald G.

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