[Clipart] Helping out with ccHost development?

Anthony Patarini ampatarini at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 17:11:44 PST 2006

ryan wrote:
> All the IMAGES on the open clip art library are in the public domain. I
> believe that the CC-BY is for the text on the site.
> thanks,
> Ryan Lerch
I'll quote the mockup: "The Open Clip Art Library is an archive of user 
contributed illustrations that are freely licensed as CC-Attribution or 
placed into the Public Domain..."

It was my understanding that OCAL only accepted PD works. Has that 
changed, or is the mockup in error?

Also, why is the text of the site CC-BY under the new design when it's 
just PD now? Do we really need a license change? Part of the appeal of 
OCAL, in my opinion, is that it removes any and all license problems 
(mostly license compatibility) that CC-BY, GNU FDL create in in these 
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>> Question about the mockup:
>> Perhaps I've missed something, but isn't OCAL entirely public domain? I
>> mean, since when do we accept CC-BY licensed material? I know a couple
>> groups have problems with this license, and I want to make sure I
>> haven't missed some discussion on this topic.
>> Otherwise, the mockup is absolutely gorgeous. Great work!
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