[Clipart] Helping out with ccHost development?

John Bintz jcoswell at coswellproductions.org
Mon Dec 11 17:49:56 PST 2006

Andy Fitzsimon wrote:
> Time to spark this thread up a little !
> Sorry for all the attachments. they are mockups im about to start
> implementing on cchost.
> feedback please!
Very nice! :)  Only two questions...

Design question: Does the down arrow on the search button indicate that 
more options are available, or is it just decorative?  I see there's 
space underneath the text field for potentially other options, such as 
the type and category search on the advanced page.  Will clicking that 
arrow show additional things in that spot?  If it's just decorative, I 
think it should be pointing right, to follow with the same idea that 
News Feeds has (unless News Feeds is something different, too.)

Technical question:  The piece of clipart (LCD Monitor) that's 
showing...will this arbitrary slicing of a clipart image be done 
automatically, or will it be something that the end user/admin will have 
to do?



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